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Short Stories of A Kind

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Hi all,

So- our First Project was to create characters and create a plotline. Simple, right?

Challenging. We were split into two groups; one group molded characters, and one group decided and builded upon a plot line. We (each team) had a ‘model’, which guided us in our creative-ness. It was fun!

Disproportionate. We then attempted to join the two together, but found this to be entirely..out of perspective, for us, at that point in time. We had simply imagined situations and environments that we felt suited our own respective works- we wanted to do what we imagined.

So we did. We switched around.

After creating our set characters and plotlines, we wrote and followed the plot as a team..and then finished off the story, still following the plotline- but in out own ways, as individuals. Showing our own take’s on the stories created.

The following ‘Series’ are the results of Project One~!


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