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Imagine you are a shark by S

A massive metal beast hangs above my head, the noise vibrating through the water, deafening. Before my eyes, the blob of meat, swathed in black material, struggles towards a long wiry tail emerging from it. But I wont let it steal my prey. With a lash of my tail, I spring forward, catapulting into the air with all the force I can muster, as the water erupts in a storm of waves around me. Snap! As my teeth crunch together,I fall back, my mouth empty. He has gone.


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The metal object in the middle of town by S

I stand back, staring at my creation with pride, like a mother watching her child. With this device, I can change the world forever. As its smooth shiny surface glints and sparkles, I can feel its power from within tugging at me.

I step forward, caressing its cool surface, as it tingles on my warm skin. It is time. Closing my eyes, I stretch out my hand until it hovers in front of the round silver button. I swallow hard.

It’s done.

As the beams envelope me, I hear a strange humming, as everyone turns, straining to listen. Then they appear. One by one, the creatures emerge. Creatures from another world.

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How did the man get stuck in the wall by S

I flex my muscles, still unable to believe my new found superpower, then looking up with a start, I realize the genie has gone. Oh well, I don’t need him anymore. His words already forgotten, I dart outside and seeing the half finished building works in my front drive, a plan springs to mind. Closing my eyes, i lift my arm and swing it into the crumbling dilapidated wall. Crash! A pile of rubble lies at my feet. I guess that saved the builders a lot of work!

Then I see it. I truly am invincible! I could even walk through walls!! Seeing the sight of some familiar golden hair, I call out boastfully to my girlfriend. “Watch this!” She will be so impressed. Running at the wall I burst through, except suddenly i am trapped. Echoing in my ears, the genie’s last words suddenly spring into the back of my mind.

“You can only use your gift to help others. Beware of pride and greed!”

I am stuck here…forever.

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Imagine you are a shark – By Mo

It was like heaven on earth, like a Christmas dinner that only comes once a year. As I moved closer, ready to pounce on the man drowning in my home, I could taste the blood through my sharp dagger like teeth. But then, reality hit me, like a brick falling from a building and my opportunity for a huge feast began to rise out of the water. I leaped up out of the water, struggling to breath and I grabbed onto the blood covered leg, like a chicken wing covered in tomato ketchup and yanked it off landing back in the water. All I could hear was screaming all around me, which began to fade out as I swam deeper into the blue, never ending swimming pool. The echoing sound of the crunching bones between my teeth was a lullaby to my ears as I swallowed my last mouth fall and drifted off to sleep. 

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How did the man get stuck in the wall? – By Mo

The man has superpowers that ended at 12am. It was 11.59pm and the man wanted to do one more amazing thing before his powers vanished forever; so he took a long run up to a wall and attempted to go through it. However, as he was half way through the huge, ancient wall, the clock stuck 12am and his superpowers vanished leaving hi stuck frozen in the wall.