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Imagine you are a shark – By Mo

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It was like heaven on earth, like a Christmas dinner that only comes once a year. As I moved closer, ready to pounce on the man drowning in my home, I could taste the blood through my sharp dagger like teeth. But then, reality hit me, like a brick falling from a building and my opportunity for a huge feast began to rise out of the water. I leaped up out of the water, struggling to breath and I grabbed onto the blood covered leg, like a chicken wing covered in tomato ketchup and yanked it off landing back in the water. All I could hear was screaming all around me, which began to fade out as I swam deeper into the blue, never ending swimming pool. The echoing sound of the crunching bones between my teeth was a lullaby to my ears as I swallowed my last mouth fall and drifted off to sleep. 


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