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How did the man get stuck in the wall by S

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I flex my muscles, still unable to believe my new found superpower, then looking up with a start, I realize the genie has gone. Oh well, I don’t need him anymore. His words already forgotten, I dart outside and seeing the half finished building works in my front drive, a plan springs to mind. Closing my eyes, i lift my arm and swing it into the crumbling dilapidated wall. Crash! A pile of rubble lies at my feet. I guess that saved the builders a lot of work!

Then I see it. I truly am invincible! I could even walk through walls!! Seeing the sight of some familiar golden hair, I call out boastfully to my girlfriend. “Watch this!” She will be so impressed. Running at the wall I burst through, except suddenly i am trapped. Echoing in my ears, the genie’s last words suddenly spring into the back of my mind.

“You can only use your gift to help others. Beware of pride and greed!”

I am stuck here…forever.


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