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How did this man get stuck in the wall? By L

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“Jeff, stop!” screamed the panicked woman, chasing her twin brother who seemed to be skipping across the streets of Windsor, like there were no cares in the world.

“Can’t stop me now! Wearing this pendant means I can go through anything! Even this brick wall!”

“No, Jeff!” cried his distressed, sprinting sister. “The pendant is dangerous! You must take it off now!”

“How can this thing be dangerous?! It gives me this amazing power!” Jeff began to run towards a brick wall, agitating his sister even more, as she started to pant.


“Help!” Jeff screamed, as the pendant fell off from around his neck, and he appeared to be stuck in the wall- half of his body on either side of the wall.

“I told you it was dangerous!” shouted the sister, as she eventually reached her brother.


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