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Shark Encounter -I

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The strong smell of the juices that ran through his veins hot me and in an instance i went into my overactive blood thirst mode. All i could feel was the pleasure of sinking my teeth into his skin and feeling the metalic taste i longed for invading my mouth. I need to have control because otherwise i wouldnt savour the precious moment i was about to face. Thoughts raced across my mind as i joyfully thought about what part would be the juciest. Legs? Arms? or shall i go for the head? Cleeansweep! My kids will be proud ive got them lunch, unfourtunately for them this guy is fairly small in size so they wont get much as I made the killer moves. Doesnt he know not to go in these deep ends> Does he want a death wish? HAHAHA Who cares> Its a win win situation for me. The noise of an object abouve me filled my ears and it hit me. Hes was trying to escape and he has back up. Oh no he isnt going to escape! Making my killer move i jumped, the oxygen rushing into my gills and lurched sinking into his legs. I guess legs it is.


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