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‘Short story about time’ By L

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“The world is going to end. You have less than 48 hours to save only one person you really love, before the rest of the world explodes,” sternly said the old, frail woman, who had both hands surrounding a small, crystal ball. I was becoming distracted by her long fingers, as they constantly tapped the ball, making a rather annoying ‘pitter-patter’ sound.
“No, seriously, what’s my future like?” I questioned, knowing this woman was completely out of her mind. Wait. What was I thinking? Of course fortune-tellers weren’t real. Stupid people like me just pay ridiculous amounts of money so we can listen to a bony, half-dead woman, who’s probably crazy, listen to a bunch of lies she makes up to every person she sees.
“That is true,” replied the fortune-teller, looking at me like I was stupid. She was the stupid one!
“Actually, you know what? Forget it. Can I have my money back please?” I demanded, standing up from the chair and about to walk out the small tent.
“Fine, don’t believe me.”
“I won’t!” I stormed out with frustration, not bothering about the five pounds I wasted on this trash.
“Young man!” called the old lady.
“What?!” I shouted with resentment.
“If you are wise, you will listen to my words, and do what is right. You are the chosen one, son, whether you like it or not.”
I stood still for a few seconds, absorbing all she had just said. I didn’t want to believe it, but some of me was wondering if any of what this woman was saying was true. I then shook my head, trying to shake off all what she had just said to me, and then walked out the tent.

“Rihanna, we have to leave now!” I commanded, as I burst through the door and intruded a classroom full of ten year olds, all reading books.
“What on earth are you doing, Kev? I’m at work,” angrily said Rihanna, as she put down her book on the table beside her and stood up from her cosy chair.
“Look, this may sound crazy, but you have to believe me. The world is ending! You need to come with me…”
“What?!” she exclaimed with frustration. “Are you out of your mind?”
“No, I was told by this old lady, who said…”
“Kev, you’re disturbing my class! You’re… You’re crazy!”
“I’m not! It was this old lady! I went to her to see my fortune! She said the world was going to end today and I have to save one person. So I chose you!”
“A fortune teller? Are you stupid? You know what? We can do this some other time! My kids are more important than you!”
“Oh, well, there’s no surprise there!”
“Kids, sorry… What?! What do you mean by that, Kev?!” shouted Rihanna in frustration, her face suddenly turning redder than a tomato.
“Well, the affair!” I screamed, remembering the excruciating memory, not long ago, when my long-term girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend from college.
“Kev, not now! Not in front of my year sixes,” softly spoke Rihanna.
“No! We are doing this now! Now! Because ever since you got this job as a teacher, all you ever focus on is work!”
“This is my career, Kev!”
“But it’s not just that- you’ve changed! You’re a different person!”
“The affair! Why?! Did I deserve that? No! I’ve given you my heart, Rihanna! And you’ve just thrown it away! And it kills me!”
“No! Let me finish! You cheated on me! But, yet, I still forgave you! Though it was only a few weeks ago!”
“That has nothing to do with you storming into this room, acting like a crazy idiot, like you always act like!”
“It has everything to do with it!” I screamed, feeling the aggressive tears falling from eyes, rolling down my cheeks.
“Don’t call me Kev!” I yelled, pointing my bony finger at her. “Not anymore. It’s Kevin to you now.”
“But, I thought we had put this behind us! Actually, I just can’t be bothered with a mental head case like you. Get out, Kev-in!”
“But… the world’s…”
“Oh, shut up, you idiot!”
“But you need me!”
“No! That’s where you’re wrong! You need me. I don’t need you!”
“You’ll regret it. Dumping me like this! I could save your life!”
“I’ve got Liam! We’re still together, Kevin! You’re just a bit on the side! Liam’s my real love! I love him!”
I suddenly found it slightly hard to breathe, as I started to pant hard, trying to catch my breath. I then walked out the room, not wanting to believe a single word I had just heard come out my girlfriend’s mouth. Well, ex-girlfriends’ mouth now. I knew I sounded like a ‘crazy idiot’ but the world was going to end. I just had this feeling that the old woman was right. I couldn’t help it. Though, now I was left heartbroken… I felt like I couldn’t carry on. I suddenly got this tight feeling in my chest. I think my heart was breaking!


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