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Inspirational Speech – By Momo

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks … will accomplish nothing in life”

“The man who has no imagination has no wings”

Muhammed Ali


As I’ve posted previously, a quote by Muhammed Ali, here are a few more quotes just to think about. The amazing concept behind these quotes is that they can be placed into any situation like a jigsaw piece completing a puzzle. Even though Muhammed Ali was a famous boxer and many of his quotes relate back to his passion and career in fighting, these quotes can be placed into everyday situation. Think about it? If you do not take risks, you won’t get anywhere in life, as rewards only come about by taking risks. If you have no imagination you have no wings. This can be related to every single person out there today! If a person has no imagination or dreams, something they can look forward to, something ambitious that they can say to themselves everyday then this person will get nowhere in life. As I posted previously, anyone can be a dream chaser, but to stand out you have to be a dream catcher. I learnt that inspirational phrase from a grime artist called Ard Adz. Image


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Muhammed Ali’s Famous Quote – By Momo

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” – Muhammed Ali. This famous quote said by a very famous, prestigious boxer has really inspired me. ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ is something that Muhammed Ali himself used to do every fight he participated in. ‘Float like a butterfly’ meaning he was graceful like a butterfly, and ‘Sting like a bee’ meant that his punches were so powerful, fast and full of energy, that it was like when a bee stings. This quote was said to me a few years ago, when my training began and it’s something I still remember to this day! Never let your opponent get the advantage over you. Always stand your ground and ensure that you come out the successful party. Even if you do fail, don’t give up trying, keep attempting at the event and one day you will succeed. However, this can only be done through motivation and hard work. The quote by Ali, is not just attended for training in special fighting techniques, but can be used all throughout life; through your academic achievements, meeting goals and chasing your dreams. Remember that anyone can be a dream chaser, but to stand out you have to be a dream catcher!Image

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Wars (10 Min Activity) – By Momo

War in most people’s opinion is a horrific event full of innocent, pure life being brutally murdered just for walking down the street. War is where money, taken from the countries’ tax payers who are just about surviving themselves, is being used for weapons to blow up buildings and create disruption.  However, behind all these negative opinions, the beauty of war can be discovered. Wars can solve key situations, make alliances between countries and most importantly show the world the impacts of war and how new ways of solving foreign policy issues should be put into action. This is only the wider image, but even looking at the details of wars, beauty can still be found among the total devastation. In wars, people come together as one, to help each other, help the needy, help the injured and help the families that have lost loved ones or their homes. War destroys communities, however, war also brings communities together, uniting them as one, to stand their ground and get through the problems that Allah SWT has presented to them. For this reason wars may be seen as many to be horrific and terrible, but some may see the beauty within wars and find wars as the next step forward in life. Image

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The Silver Lining by S (10 min activity)

The water rises, swirling and clawing at everything in its path. People run, screaming and crying as prized possessions are swept away. Panic. Amongst the noise, I sit and watch in silence, perched on the edge of the rooftop of my flooded home. I ignore the lapping waves rising below me; my eyes are for the people only. Neighbors who haven’t spoken in years are clinging together, their petty differences forgotten in the face of destruction, as they stand united against the destruction unfolding before them. As the dark clouds continue to gather overhead, my eyes are drawn to the silver tears that mingle, washing away the years of fights and arguments as they watch this liquid monster swallow up their homes. Some may call this a disaster.I call it a miracle.

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Short story about time -I

3 years, 2 months and 5 days waiting and it has come. My heart can finally heal.It was set and ready.

Grabbing the yellow jar I scooped some of the mystical, diamon like sand from my box and placed it on the wooden table infront of me right next to her.

It was in a black shape all covered in the personalised golden cover. I made it over three years ago when I found out.If I was sucessful, how was I going to explain everything to everyone who saw my breakdown? They would not believe me and even of they did, they would probably banish us, but I loved her. This black box was everything to me and to have the chance to change that, meant the world.

Flashbacks raced through my mind as i relished the past three years of my life. The revelations, the secrecy, the rouble, the heartache, the hope and the journey.

The feeling I felt stepping onto Z and the relief was all building up to the excitement of this moment.

This moment was everything.

It was the moment I would get my wife back.

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Thunk Question – If there where 6 rules on becoming a parent,what would they be? -I

To become a parent you HAVE to know how to cook. How can you have children without knowing how to make a simple meal? Even though this is more of a boring question, you need to be financially stable? I mean otherwise you would not be able to provide the best for your child! Are you responsible enough? If your both still childish and kid like yourselves then this would be one hell of a tough job! To be fair, if atleast one of you is responsible that’s enough! I think… So! I also think you should be able to swim because tha’t cool, and being cool is cool. Splashing in the water is kinda fun! and Lastly you need to be able to love your child becasue what’s this worl without love! 😀

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‘Where have these feet been today?’ By L

“What a horrible day!” said one foot to another. “Where has this man been taking us today?”

“I have no idea,” said the right foot, feeling its big, red bruise, pounding.

“All I felt were these bumpy things and sharp things…”

“I don’t even think that guy was wearing shoes!” interrupted the other foot.

“I think he was wearing flip flops,” accurately pointed out the smart foot.

“Do you think it was a hike we went on today? Or maybe rock clmbing?” the other foot questioned.

“In flip flops?! I highly doubt it!”