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Where have these feet been today? (10 Min Activity) – By Momo

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Lying in bed, exhausted, looking over the events of today in my mind, a sudden thought came to light. Where have my feet been today? Think about it. All these millions and millions of people in the world that are privileged to have feet, don’t realise where their feet go. Feet travel through sandy, scorching deserts and perishing, wet forests, our feet face the biggest battle of mankind every single day. Just imagine you were a pair of feet, being crammed into the latest Nike Air Forces or high heels, feeling the pain from the rugged ground underneath, as we took every footstep through the day and night. 

As I lay back thinking what my did today, it occurred to me as if they had a nice, relaxing day, being in sandals feeling the breeze of a summer’s day, and then the concept of the new experience as I slipped them into a new pair of shoes at Footlocker. But not everyone’s experience is the same. However, the one thing i do know is that feet have an experience that no other body part will ever got through. 


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