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Inspirational Speech – By Momo

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“He who is not courageous enough to take risks … will accomplish nothing in life”

“The man who has no imagination has no wings”

Muhammed Ali


As I’ve posted previously, a quote by Muhammed Ali, here are a few more quotes just to think about. The amazing concept behind these quotes is that they can be placed into any situation like a jigsaw piece completing a puzzle. Even though Muhammed Ali was a famous boxer and many of his quotes relate back to his passion and career in fighting, these quotes can be placed into everyday situation. Think about it? If you do not take risks, you won’t get anywhere in life, as rewards only come about by taking risks. If you have no imagination you have no wings. This can be related to every single person out there today! If a person has no imagination or dreams, something they can look forward to, something ambitious that they can say to themselves everyday then this person will get nowhere in life. As I posted previously, anyone can be a dream chaser, but to stand out you have to be a dream catcher. I learnt that inspirational phrase from a grime artist called Ard Adz. Image


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