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Short story about time -I

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3 years, 2 months and 5 days waiting and it has come. My heart can finally heal.It was set and ready.

Grabbing the yellow jar I scooped some of the mystical, diamon like sand from my box and placed it on the wooden table infront of me right next to her.

It was in a black shape all covered in the personalised golden cover. I made it over three years ago when I found out.If I was sucessful, how was I going to explain everything to everyone who saw my breakdown? They would not believe me and even of they did, they would probably banish us, but I loved her. This black box was everything to me and to have the chance to change that, meant the world.

Flashbacks raced through my mind as i relished the past three years of my life. The revelations, the secrecy, the rouble, the heartache, the hope and the journey.

The feeling I felt stepping onto Z and the relief was all building up to the excitement of this moment.

This moment was everything.

It was the moment I would get my wife back.


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