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Where have these feet been? By Taz

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ImageThese feet have been around the world and back. It has taken me 682 days. Thank
God it’s over now! I’m on the beach in Miami, relaxing my feet. It’s been a long
time since I’ve done this… Just watching the waves cascading down on the
screaming children. Brunette, ginger and blonde women littering the sand in
masses, flaunting their bikini bodies in the golden sunlight. I don’t understand
how this place could be a fashion landmark, when hardly anyone is wearing any
clothes – must be the Kardashian effect. And here I am the current female
anomaly of Miami wearing blue shorts, a white t-shirt and brown sandals. Just sipping on iced tea reflecting on my life and all the faces I’ve seen in it. The eye’s I’ve had to hold in all that has past bores into my sight even with my eyes closed. I feel the waves crash down nudging lightly against my feet while my thoughts beat around in my mind. The world is weeping to me, searching for someone to heal it.


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