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Interview with Shyam on how to get published – by S

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Two ways to get stories published:

  • approach publishing house
  • self publishing

Approaching a Publishing house:

  1. decide genre and type of writing
  2. write covering letter including:
    • description of novel and plot summary
    • age planning to market at
    • why it is marketable
    • any sequels planned
  3. send cover letter and extract to agent (one source for finding agents: the writers and artists yearbook)
  4. agents will read the letter and extract, if they like it will request the whole novel
  5. send the whole novel
  6. if agent like it will send it to a publishing house
  7. the editor at the publishing house will read cover letter and extract
  8. if they like it, will then read novel
  9. if they like it, they will publish it

Publishing poetry:

best way to start publishing poetry is to enter it in an anthology, with other poets, often competitions will publish winners in an anthology

Top tips:

  • edit your writing many times before sending it – they are looking for reasons to reject, not accept your writing, as they receive so many of which they can only publish a few, so accuracy is important
  • keep trying – J.K.Rowling was rejected 40 times before she finally got her Harry Potter books published
  • write something publishable, either the biggest section of the market or a gap in the market
  • get experience by reading other authors unpublished books, in order to learn from their mistakes how to improve your own work (ask in libraries for proof copies, or find them on websites such as Goodreads)
  • don’t force the writing, just write naturally as it comes – there will be plenty of time for editing once you have finished it
  • write every opportunity you get, try to have a certain time each day when you write for half an hour, practice is crucial
  • carry a notebook with you so if you get inspired you can record your ideas

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