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Write about something ugly but find the beauty in it. -I

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The first thing you think of is bad,or evil, or you might have an image in your head of the tall bully in year 5 that used to steal your lunch.

A surge of anger will rise in your body making you want to grab the nearset book and experiment how many different ways you can smash it.

Your cheeks start boiling, turning more redder and angrier than a kettle at boiling point.Your body starts shaking like you’ve got a permenant twitch.Beads of sweat start racing down your face, struggling to reach your chin faster, and finally your eyes switch to black. It’s done. Your over the bridge.You feel pure hate.

So, you might think i’m crazy, promoting hate.But seriously, would you rather see people constantly being nice to each other? Where’s the entertainment?

World without hate is dull, boring and lifeless. Don’t you like the drama, hand-flicking, in your face, loud confrontations that have you gasping for hours?

Let’s face it …










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