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Man of Science

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More Creative Writing; this story is by ‘MichGev’. This is an example of flash-fiction!


Byte-Size Fiction


        Ridiculous the laughs! I presented them with a sure fire way to save the world and they mocked me with a prehistoric bodily interaction with no intention behind it all. These preconceived notions of impossibility have been handed down by generations of disappointment. My theories are sure fire, and based on factual numerical and empirical decisive remarks backed up by tangible instances deduced by my experiments. I have proof. I have numbers.

        It’s never enough until they see it for themselves. But little do they know the deception that occurs by their own intelligent-mind. So I wait; I see what is acceptable and present the “truth” accordingly. But the truth, I make up, with notes and numbers that are digestible. I’ll ride the ride until they catch me from the bullshit I’ve spewed. By the way, I’m a physicist, and I don’t…

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