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A Story continued using a Prompt…. By P

I swapped places with my twin when he got arrested.So now he is free. Whilst I am serving his life sentence for murdering our mother. Inside I’m frustrated. He’s the one who should be locked in.When I close my eyes I can see our mother.She was an angel. I miss her. He- my twin should be feeling the same. But- he escaped. A lucky escape! I took the brutal blame. The blame which turned around my life. I would be in University now.Where am I now? In a deserted Prison in space. He’s back on Earth enjoying life. I’m somewhere in the no where. Alone. Floating in Space.


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“Let us fight to free the world” -Charlie Chaplin

This, is a great speach. -grins- …Does anyone recognise the movie ‘The Great Dicatator’? Well, consider watching it. Especially if you are interested in history or a good movie. Or a good speaker. But seriously though, it’s inspirational.


..And, in response to the original poster’s comment; I don’t think it’s that surprising really. For a person who doesn’t speak a lot. When they do speak, it would make sense (to me, atleast) that what they did say, would be important, and have a lot of impact.

Like, a quiet person. Or a reclusive one. They don’t speak often, perhaps, but when they do- their words have amassed a lot more meaning than what would ‘normally’ be expected for everyday talk. 🙂 But that’s just my viewpoint.

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Something we (and the next gen~) should consider?

Hey there.


Came across this when I was on YouTube, looking for good pep talks, eheheh.. Check the link? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zG9hMgjTrXA 

It explain’s what this is (and yes, this is to the rest of the Eight as well; P, L, Gee, S/Peace, Mo, I and Taz)! I thought it would make a good challenge, next year. And who did I think of first? Okay, honestly- I thought of S. Then the rest of the Eight.

So, I’m sharing! TAKE A LOOK :D.