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Quote Speech

Creating a speech from a quote

 “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do”

 The world is a place of beauty, a wonderful creation. Some say that God created the world with careful planning while others believe the world was created from a single particle. However, these are the basic foundations of the world, and its our jobs, as God’s creations to change the world, to maintain its beauty and work together efficiently to make our planet what we want it to be. “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” The question you should all ask yourself; are you crazy? Have you got the right mentality? The right mindset? Well I’ll tell you now, every single person, yes every single person listening to this right now has the ability to be crazy and do something to change the world. You just have to discover your specific ability. It could be that you have great communication skills, or a caring personality or even you remember to through your litter in the bin and not anywhere you like. The journey of change may be a struggle but if your not present in my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success. So join in with my struggle, work as a team and we can enjoy our success together. Together we can change the world and see green grass grow again. 


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Prompt Task (10 Min Activity) – By Mo

Describe a ‘First’

The first time I went on a desert tour, deep in the sandy oceans of Oman, it was an experience that frightened me from head to toe, but also filled me with excitement, like a small child at the funfair.

Sitting in the 4X4, I thought it would be a boring drive over the natural yellow hills, but as soon as the Arab perched in the driver’s seat took off, it was like a roller coaster, but without the tracks. The car was turning unpredictably left, right, forwards, sideways, with my head banging against the roof every time the death trap went over a bump. However, no matter how much pain I gained, it was one of the most exciting events in my life. Image

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Wars (10 Min Activity) – By Momo

War in most people’s opinion is a horrific event full of innocent, pure life being brutally murdered just for walking down the street. War is where money, taken from the countries’ tax payers who are just about surviving themselves, is being used for weapons to blow up buildings and create disruption.  However, behind all these negative opinions, the beauty of war can be discovered. Wars can solve key situations, make alliances between countries and most importantly show the world the impacts of war and how new ways of solving foreign policy issues should be put into action. This is only the wider image, but even looking at the details of wars, beauty can still be found among the total devastation. In wars, people come together as one, to help each other, help the needy, help the injured and help the families that have lost loved ones or their homes. War destroys communities, however, war also brings communities together, uniting them as one, to stand their ground and get through the problems that Allah SWT has presented to them. For this reason wars may be seen as many to be horrific and terrible, but some may see the beauty within wars and find wars as the next step forward in life.

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If you could live in a tree house…-By P



  • You can see the whole wide world from another perspective
  • No sweet,bitter burglar can burgle in your house
  • You will have your own space


  • You will not live on landscape.
  • You won’t have any neighbours

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New mode of transport: the rainbow bubble – invented by S

The rainbow bubble is a transparent, multicoloured sphere that feels to the person inside like a sea of cushions they can recline in. It is soft and malleable in order to fit through small spaces and prevent shock on collision, yet gives full protection to the passenger. It can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, and can travel anywhere in the world, directed by voice control. They come in all sizes in order to fit the passenger.Image

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Short Stories of A Kind

Hi all,

So- our First Project was to create characters and create a plotline. Simple, right?

Challenging. We were split into two groups; one group molded characters, and one group decided and builded upon a plot line. We (each team) had a ‘model’, which guided us in our creative-ness. It was fun!

Disproportionate. We then attempted to join the two together, but found this to be entirely..out of perspective, for us, at that point in time. We had simply imagined situations and environments that we felt suited our own respective works- we wanted to do what we imagined.

So we did. We switched around.

After creating our set characters and plotlines, we wrote and followed the plot as a team..and then finished off the story, still following the plotline- but in out own ways, as individuals. Showing our own take’s on the stories created.

The following ‘Series’ are the results of Project One~!