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We are not human beings

We are not human beings


hands, people, plant, heart, sign

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Special Person- Ikhra

From afar I can see her famous red and white polka dot bandana. Knowing she’s near I feel happiness. Matching her bandana is her famous red coat, bringing back memories from my African days, where she is treated like royalty; their very own West African girl.

Forever warming our hearts, she is upfront and truthful, never hidden. This strong persona helped her get her flock of loyal followers, making her my amazing role model. Opening her mouth the words came out in such a manner that I was in a trance; “Sup?”

XO Her number one fan.

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I know nothing of hatred…

This is very true, thoroughly thought out and the last paragraph hit me like a wrecking ball (or, how I imagine one would). Otrazhenie shared an amazing train of thought, so I thought I’d share it with you! It’s..great is not the right word, because that would imply it’s a good thing. It’s neither, I think. A warning, perhaps..Advice. Forewarning. Information. 馃檪
-Dara 讚指专指讛


Teach your children

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Quote-a-day: Start Before You Are Ready

I like the quote and My Everyday Power Blog has Got A Point.
So, thought I’d share!
-Dara 讚指专指讛

Everyday Power Blog


Start before you are ready. Most people spend their entire lives waiting. Most people are convinced that after they get, do and have just this 鈥榦ne last thing鈥 that they will be ready to undertake a new venture or a new opportunity. For the overwhelming majority, that day never comes.

Opportunity comes to those who create their own luck by taking action. Yes patience is important and you can鈥檛 just jump on every initial opportunity that presents itself. However, always remember that you will never have, do or become what you want unless you start. Life and time do not wait for anyone. The best time to start IS ALWAYS NOW!

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