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Dream~ by artnewbied featuring a body art
So, the title says it- this..was a dream I once had. It’s creative. Or atleast, that’s what I hope it is (This has been posted somewhere else- and these sorts of posts are now someplace else. Just search up: “artnewbied”, it’ll be a tag).
-Dara דָרָה
If you’d like, there’s more at my Polyvore account: http://artnewbied.polyvore.com/

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Special Person- Ikhra

From afar I can see her famous red and white polka dot bandana. Knowing she’s near I feel happiness. Matching her bandana is her famous red coat, bringing back memories from my African days, where she is treated like royalty; their very own West African girl.

Forever warming our hearts, she is upfront and truthful, never hidden. This strong persona helped her get her flock of loyal followers, making her my amazing role model. Opening her mouth the words came out in such a manner that I was in a trance; “Sup?”

XO Her number one fan.

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A Story continued using a Prompt…. By P

I swapped places with my twin when he got arrested.So now he is free. Whilst I am serving his life sentence for murdering our mother. Inside I’m frustrated. He’s the one who should be locked in.When I close my eyes I can see our mother.She was an angel. I miss her. He- my twin should be feeling the same. But- he escaped. A lucky escape! I took the brutal blame. The blame which turned around my life. I would be in University now.Where am I now? In a deserted Prison in space. He’s back on Earth enjoying life. I’m somewhere in the no where. Alone. Floating in Space.

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“Let us fight to free the world” -Charlie Chaplin

This, is a great speach. -grins- …Does anyone recognise the movie ‘The Great Dicatator’? Well, consider watching it. Especially if you are interested in history or a good movie. Or a good speaker. But seriously though, it’s inspirational.


..And, in response to the original poster’s comment; I don’t think it’s that surprising really. For a person who doesn’t speak a lot. When they do speak, it would make sense (to me, atleast) that what they did say, would be important, and have a lot of impact.

Like, a quiet person. Or a reclusive one. They don’t speak often, perhaps, but when they do- their words have amassed a lot more meaning than what would ‘normally’ be expected for everyday talk. 🙂 But that’s just my viewpoint.

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Something we (and the next gen~) should consider?

Hey there.


Came across this when I was on YouTube, looking for good pep talks, eheheh.. Check the link? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zG9hMgjTrXA 

It explain’s what this is (and yes, this is to the rest of the Eight as well; P, L, Gee, S/Peace, Mo, I and Taz)! I thought it would make a good challenge, next year. And who did I think of first? Okay, honestly- I thought of S. Then the rest of the Eight.

So, I’m sharing! TAKE A LOOK :D.